Search Engine Optimization:


The complete form of Seo is search engine optimization. Seo is basically about increasing organic traffic
to the website and improving the ranking of the website. There are three types of SEO White SEO, Black
SEO, and Gray SEO.

In search engine optimization we improve your posts so that
we can rank your website and get more traffic from search engines. When you search for any keyword
in Google or search engine search engines show thousands of results in less than a second. But people
can only visit those websites that show on the first page. This means more traffic is available only to
those who show on the first page of search engines.
It is not possible to optimize your blog to the top of the rank of No.1 in the search engines without the
help of SEO search engine optimization. SEO is a vast field, and SEO Services Company are charging you for this service. If you want to extend you r business on
internet you can contact a Search Engine Optimization Agency , it is
important to do a good Search engine optimization .
You have an online store and want to maximize your sale and profit it is only possible if you increase
your organic traffic (From Search Engines) on you website . Because
the page show on Google search at the top place, people tend to click on that link. Because Google
wants to give the best result for their users. To do so, you have to do a good SEO  for website.

Seo ranking factors

There are mainly three areas of SEO
Types of SEO
1) White Hat SEO
2) Black Hat SEO
3) Gray Hat SEO

1 White Hat SEO:
This is done by following Google's rules. This means that it is a natural and legal way to rank a website. It takes a little time for your website to be ranked, but its ranking never goes down once your website is ranked. If you want to make your website work for long time, this is the best and only possible way.

What is WHITE seo

2 Black hat SEO:
In this, to get the website ranked quickly, it is done with the same unique techniques that Google or any search engine does not allow. This makes your website rank up quickly, but this technique can sometimes cause your rank to be dam down quickly—for example, giving money for external links or external link exchanges.

what is Black seo

3 Gray hat SEO Services:
If a black hat and a white hat are mixed, that is called gray hat SEO. This means that some techniques
are made by a white hat and some by a black hat by SEO. But it's also not recommended for you.

what is grey seo

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