The name of billionaire and fanatical inventor Elon Musk no longer needs any introduction. They want to promote the Internet worldwide through the shipment of Starlink Internet Satellite. Tesla is working on cars. They have sent astronauts into orbit with their rockets. Want to drive underground traffic through a boring company working on solar energy cities. And now, they have achieved significant success in connecting the computer chip to the brain.

Science fiction movies have shown a lot about computers, brain-machine interfaces. Science fiction novels also contain references to cyborg creatures consisting of half-humans and partial machines. But despite decades of research, no significant breakthrough has been achieved, and no considerable progress has been made in connecting electronics to a complex object such as the brain.

Elon Musk’s company, Neuralink, has been working for many years to install microchips in the human brain to help treat mental and physical illnesses. In this regard, Elon Musk presented the details of his work in an important press conference on August 28. Through Neurolink, he wanted to treat diseases related to the brain, brain, and human nerves on the one hand, and the other hand, he was a revolutionary chip. Thanks to human blindness, forgetfulness, hearing loss, paralysis, paralysis, insomnia, lack of sleep, bad habits, brain injury, disability, and depression. Elon said his chip acts as a brain transplant.

 He said that the traditional chip or patch connected to the brain lacks channels; large wires have to be placed in a box outside the brain, which requires specialists. But that will not happen now.

 One week ago, she demonstrated how to install a computer chip under a pig’s ear as a model. According to the details, there are 1024 channels in one link of this chip. The chip has a hexagonal sensor that notes pressure and temperature. Its data rate is in megabits, and it is also received wirelessly while the battery works all day long. It can be charged wirelessly at night.

 Chip installation:

Chip installation An automated robot or machine can install this chip. The machine puts electrons or electrons inside the human brain. This process is done automatically with great accuracy. Interestingly, the installation of the chip or patch takes only an hour, and after that, the person begins to feel perfectly normal. The next day the patient can go home from the hospital. The chip’s thickness is only 8 mm, while the human skull’s thickness is up to 10 mm. That’s why this coin-sized chip fits well and hides from the hair on top.

Surgical Robot:

Surgical Robot: 

Elon Musk also mentioned a surgical robot that automatically performs the entire process of silencing the human brain. It does not even require anesthesia. The surgical robot performs head drilling, electrode insertion, chip insertion, and more. Elon Musk said that if the electrodes are inserted correctly, no blood will flow. This is because the electrodes are fragile and are applied with great care and precision. 

During this time, the robot continues to photograph the brain, and electrodes are inserted, avoiding the tiny blood vessels. Elon also explained in his conference how he first implanted and removed a female pig in a brain transplant so that the practice of transplanting and extracting could be demonstrated. In this way, over time, the neural link chip can be removed, and a new model can be installed. In this experiment, pigs have been used because they are very close to humans in their function and genetics. 

Elon Musk then showed a baby pig’s video with a neural link chip and brain signals appearing on the screen in real-time. The details of the neurons (nerve cells) of what the pig was feeling with its snout were reaching the chip, and the display was appearing. According to Elon, it has been two months since the neural link was placed on this animal. He says that two chips can be put on an animal in this way, and different tasks can be taken from them.

 Preserve Mental Activities:

Saving Mental Activities:


According to Elon Musk, neurons’ activity can be seen through two-photon microscopy at the exact moment they occur. In this way, both the nerve impulses in the brain and the effect of neural links on the nerves can be seen. Only by understanding the whole process of the human brain can neural connections be used for various purposes.


The neural link will soon be transferred to the human brain for human testing, but the chip has received FDA approval. First of all, this chip will be installed in patients who are suffering from some form of brain injury. But Elon Musk wants people with neuronal paralysis to regain full control of their bodies, which is their ultimate goal.